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The CPC sends out a devotion to members, friends and other interested Christians, by email. If you want to receive these Devotions on a regular basis, please contact us by e-mail.

These short Bible based Devotions are available in Adobe Acrobat format and may be downloaded and forwarded to anyone who may benefit from them.

The latest Devotions by the Rev Wayne van Heerden, started on 28/02/2018.

Repent from those things that cause a hindrance in our relationship with God, by the Rev Wayne van Heerden. – 14/03/2018
The priority of Lent, by the Rev Wayne van Heerden. – 07/03/2018
The Season of Lent, by the Rev Wayne van Heerden. – 28/02/2018
A blessed and prosperous New Year! – 01/01/2018
How about a New Year without excuses. – 26/12/2017
A Merry and Blessed Christmas, everyone. – 21/12/2017
The Season of Advent: Peace / Shalom. – 06/12/2017
The Season of Advent: Hope. – 29/11/2017
Christ the King - part two. – 22/11/2017
Christ the King - part one. – 15/11/2017
Meeting Christ at his Supper: a celebration of love. – 8/11/2017
Sola Fide. Only through faith in the Gospel of Christ. – 18/10/2017
Jesus commissioned us to share his salvation with everyone. – 06/09/2017
Let's pray as one during these demanding times. – 30/08/2017
Disappointments, remembrance and hope! – 23/08/2017
God wants to do a new thing in your life! – 16/08/2017
It's a matter of choice! – 02/08/2017
Arise and shine, says the Lord. – 26/07/2017
The Holy Spirit of God, gifts of the Spirit. – 28/06/2017
The Holy Spirit of God, fruit of the Spirit. – 21/06/2017
The Holy Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth. – 14/06/2017
The Holy Spirit of God. – 07/06/2017
Pentecost – 31/05/2017
Ascension Day (2) – 24/05/2017
Ascension Day (1) – 17/05/2017
Easter Freedom or prison life? – 09/05/2017
What if it is true that Jesus rose from the tomb? – 03/05/2017
We need the Easter Season. – 19/04/2017


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