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Sermon Madam, go and sin no more! Jesus upholds God's holiness through mercy.. John 8:1-11
Sermon An Easter message ...about looking for the living Jesus in the right place from Luke 24: 5
Sermon Raised from the dead it important that Jesus rose, from 1 Corintians 15: 14,2
Sermon Four sermon outlines for the four Sundays of Advent. from the Book of Revelation.
Sermon A sermon outline for Lent about imputed righteousness, from 2 Corinthians 5:21.
Sermon The saving power of the cross for Good Friday, from Mark 15:25-39.
Sermon You will be with me in Paradise, Jesus said! ...from Luke 23: 42,43
Sermon Series of seven sermon outlines on the seven words Jesus spoke on the cross ...from all four Gospels
Sermon Jesus listens to everyone! A sermon outline on Matthew 15: 21 - 28 where Jesus seems to call the Canaanites pet dogs and not children of his household. In the end it shows that God helps everyone and that all are equal before the Lord.
Sermon God's people need comfort today! A sermon outline on Isaiah 40: 1-11 where God decrees: Comfort, comfort my people.
Sermon Obedience to God, the true spiritual food that empowers us to accomplish God's purpose with our lives and his Church. From 1 Kings 13 and John 4: 34 - 38, by the Rev Andries Combrink
Sermon The hope and love of Christ. The shared commitment of all who belong to God! From 1 Peter 1: 13 - 25, by the Rev Andries Combrink
Sermon Remember God's faithful care and oversight of his chosen people. From Psalm 105: 1-7 and 39-45, by the Rev Andries Combrink
Sermon Fellowship with the eternal God, with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. 1 John 1: 1 - 10, by the Rev Andries Combrin
Sermon See the great love the Father has lavished on us: we are called children of God. 1 John 3: 1 - 10, by the Rev Andries Combrink
Sermon Solus Christus. Christ alone. Revelation 1: 9 - 20, by the Rev Andries Combrink
Sermon Soli Deo Gloria. Glory, adoration and worship to God alone. Romans 11: 33 - 36 by the Rev Andries Combrin
Sermon First Advent - Hope! We hope, because the King is coming. Mark 13: 24 - 37 by the Rev Andries Combrink
Sermon Second Advent - Peace! 'Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him. Luke 3: 1 - 6, by the Rev Andries Combrink
Sermon Church growth through gladness. - Joy! It is gladness, sincerity and praise that make the church attractive to those outside. Acts 2: 46 - 47, by the Rev Andries Combrink

Portion 46, of the farm Swartkop 383 JR. Known as: 186 Aletta Avenue. Raslouw AH. Centurion.

GPS coordinates, S25° 52.031 E028° 07.926.