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Devotion Jesus commissioned us to share his salvation with everyone. – 06/09/201
Devotion Sola Fide. Only through faith in the Gospel of Christ. – 18/10/2017
Devotion Meeting Christ at his Supper: a celebration of love. – 8/11/2017
Devotion Christ the King - part one. – 15/11/2017
Devotion Christ the King - part two. – 22/11/2017
Devotion The Season of Advent: Hope. – 29/11/2017
Devotion The Season of Advent: Peace / Shalom. – 06/12/2017
Devotion A Merry and Blessed Christmas, everyone. – 21/12/2017
Devotion How about a New Year without excuses. – 26/12/2017
Devotion A blessed and prosperous New Year! – 01/01/2018
Devotion The Season of Lent, by the Rev Wayne van Heerden. – 28/02/2018
Devotion The priority of Lent, by the Rev Wayne van Heerden. – 07/03/2018
Devotion Repent from those things that cause a hindrance in our relationship with God, by the Rev Wayne van Heerden. – 14/03/2018
Article 10th Anniversary: Short History of Centurion West Presbyterian Church 10 Years of grace and growth.
Article Priesthood of all the believers
Article Is the Holy Spirit a stranger to you? An article about what Presbyterians – and many other Bible believing Christians - believe about the Holy Spirit!
Article Perseverance a matter of life and death
Article Why should I know who Jesus is? Everyone ought to know Jesus
Article The church of Christ and the generation of excellence ... and some of the most frequently asked questions to the church by yuppies, answered.
Article Reclaim the Holy Trinity. Speaking about God in biblical language and idom.

Portion 46, of the farm Swartkop 383 JR. Known as: 186 Aletta Avenue. Raslouw AH. Centurion.

GPS coordinates, S25° 52.031 E028° 07.926.