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Article What is Evangelism?
Article Worship is more than singing!
Article Southern African Christmas Carols! Three new lyrics for songs celebrating a warm, sunny Christmas, under the Southern Cross
Article Season of Advent! Ideas, prayers and readings for the Season of Advent - the four Sundays before Christmas
Article Gethsemane - the terror that changed our destiny and demands our action.
Article Tenebrae , liturgy (order) for the Tenebrae Service on the evening before Good Friday.
Article Tenebrae , why dwell on the anguish of Christ?
Article Good Friday , do something different.
Article The cross of Jesus Christ for decoration, or salvation?
Article Ash Wednesday - a Biblical perspective!
Article Fourteen Stations of the Resurrection. A devotional booklet with prayers, following 14 events after Jesus rose from the dead.
Article Palm Sunday (2) , a peace march the Name of the LORD.
Article Palm Sunday , thoughts about and hymns for this universal celebration.
Article A booklet with six fundamental tips on personal devotions, called Quiet Times!
Article Original sin drives us to Christ and makes us keen to spread the gospel of grace!
Article Learning and doing: the same fruit of the work of the Holy Spirit in us!
Article The Bible - most amazing book of all! This article contains many interesting facts about the Bible and a short summary of the history of the King James Version. This article makes for amazing, astounding reading!
Article For heaven’s sake! Why are you Presbyterian? This question and even more important ones about assurance of salvation, about Christ and about your eternal destination, are addressed here.
Article Building the Church. Both wise men and fools will be building.
Article A short catechism for young children (5 - 10yrs) Catechism. Sunday School source of learning.

Portion 46, of the farm Swartkop 383 JR. Known as: 186 Aletta Avenue. Raslouw AH. Centurion.

GPS coordinates, S25° 52.031 E028° 07.926.